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October came around, and I started working on a game.
It’s javascript/canvas based, instead of my usual pygame. But, I’m using gamejs which uses the pygame API, so I feel pretty much at home.
We got most of our new graphics and sound into the game today, and all of the game play is done.
It’s not running fast enough on my ipod touch 2g, but I think with some work it could be playable. So we’re aiming to release on the various web stores first. Then perhaps improve things for the mobile platforms.
I had to work on improving a sound engine I call jquery.shitsound, or just shitsound for short. Which uses various web browser sound APIs to work. I’ll have to get it using the phonegap framework to play audio too, since html5 Audio on mobile platforms is simply broken.
We’re in, I should say. Since I’m doing a collaboration with Spencer Sternberg ( http://www.spencersternberg.com/ ) video game audio and music productions.
The second app I’m working on next after this one is released I’m doing as a Powered By Bees production ( http://www.poweredbybees.com ). It’s less game related, and more content related, but I still think it will count for this October Challenge.
Thanks Ludumdare!  This October competition has really given me a big kick up the backside.


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