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london clojure dojo

(Last night I went to the London clojure dojo.)(. javax.swing.JOptionPane (showMessageDialog nil (reduce str ["Hello" "London" "Clojure" "Dojo"])))This dojo was hosted by @otfrom and @rrees at the ThoughtWorks offices (many thanks to them). They put on a nice spread of quiche and sandwiches. Here's some of the quiche... which was nicer than it looks in this photo.) (

-- quiche picture credit to @otfrom (used without permission ;))

There was a github repo setup before the session with the code from previous weeks.
After grazing, and drinking of softdrinks - the night started with a mini talk on cake (the tasty build tool + enhanced repl(interpreter) + kitchen sink for clojure) by the co-organiser of the dojo (Robert Rees from ThoughtWorks).
A programmer from Deutsche bank was there recruiting clojure programmers, and getting involved in the dojo too. It kind of reminded me of python in the early days... whe…