notes on chome, and android.

One thing I forgot to mention was that my flash sound for chrome did not work after uploading to the chrome web store.  I made the change at the last minute to use flash for sound, because chrome sound was bad for me.  Of course, a change made at the last minute will be a bug!  Luckily the bug was reported to me, and I fixed it quickly.  This made me glad that the chrome webstore allowed very fast updating.  I can deploy updates there as quickly as uploading to a website.  It also made me remember the importance of testing from the users perspective.  Always check you changes on the live version that people use, rather than just on development servers or simulators.  You need to get into the users shoes and experience it the same way they do.

I did a quick port to android, and tested it on my Advent Vega tablet with android 2.2.  Surprisingly the game ran fairly well.  There were a couple of modern javascript features I was using that did not work, but I quickly found those bugs (html5 data attributes was the main one).

I also needed to add touch support to the game, since so far it only works with mouse and keyboard.  You can play it with the mouse emulation that the browsers support by tapping on the screen to move the player around.  However it would be much nicer if it worked by dragging your finger around.

I have an android environment setup from some previous projects, so I'll be doing that port next.  I'm only going to release it for very modern androids that have a fast enough browser in it.  Canvas and javascript have changed so much in the last year, and last years android just isn't good enough (neither is todays really... we wait for android 4 for decent graphics and audio support).  The other point in favour of releasing on android next is that publishing to the android market is a very easy thing to do.

I'm not sure about doing an iphone port yet, since Halloween is 13 days away - and I am doubtful I could get it through their store acceptance process in time.  But I'll make the decision on which store goes next after the android port is done.

I decided to up the $ amount for the Ludumdare October challenge, since the game has made over $1 now.  So my next personal challenge amount is now $1000 in October.


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