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My pyweek postmortem. Making a game in a week.

Pyweek, finished recently, and was a real blast... as usual.

Congrats to everyone who took part, pyweek was really fun! I look forward to playing everyones games (I've only got through around ten so far).

'Eye stabs' was our team name.

We didn't post a final entry. Our game isn't really at the stage where we'd like it to be... There's still a number of core features required before it's a 'game'. At the moment, it's kind of a fun intro, and a demo of what the game could be.

For me, recently these competitions have been about experimenting, rather than finishing a game. Getting a buzz off everyone else's energy as they create something in a small amount of time. These competitions are also really good for 'finishing' a game... since they have a finish built in. When the week has ended it's finished.

So we'll make a release some time in the next few weeks. Because we want to show everyone... but not before the basic elements…

pygame.test -- moving testing forward.

We are moving to including the tests with an installed python package... pygame.
>>> import pygame

Why include tests in pygame? Rather than only with the build process?

More people will run the tests. people can run the tests to see if everything works in their own programs.Can run tests on a persons computer to see if everything in pygame+ your program is working.Which driver/function combination works, or works fastest? Run tests and find out.
Testing a py2exe/pyapp generated binary is much easier. Reuse of our testing enhancements for their own tests. Reporting bugs would be easier. Since everyone could run unittests, since they will be installed everywhere pygame is installed. Result submission of unittests easy. This would result in a much larger base of computers running the unittests and submitting problems. This would be opt in of course. Make the testing stuff more a library, than a framework. Allow people submit unittests more eas…