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GP2X arrives.

My GP2X arrived this morning!

I ran down the stairs to meet the delivery man. Then ran back upstairs tearing open the packaging as I went up the stairs.

I was sent this one early by the lovely people at gbax so that I could port pygame to it.

This version of the firmware doesn't seem to be able to copy stuff to the onboard flash. The usb connection doesn't seem to connect to my computer. Hopefully it will work once an SD card is in there.

So all I can do with it at the moment is use it as an expensive flash light.

One thing I was dissapointed about... you can not use it as a usb host. Which means you can not connect your digital camera or other things to it. Oh well. Maybe something can be done for that through the EXT port. The EXT port will be used for TV output too. The cables for tv out should be available in a few weeks.

I've downloaded the available SDL development files, and been through the development wiki, and read all of the spec sheets. Now I wait until I ge…

query string using javascript.

I have just implemented query strings using javascript for my web page Pretend Paper

So you can make a link which will change the configuration of the dynamic page around.

This is an example of the link: It opens up the review with id 5 in a background tab, and the article with id 3 in the foreground.

It is really important to be able to get a url which will map to what is being shown on screen. This way people can post links, and bookmark pages they are in. Unfortunately with javascript one 'page' can be showing 600ish different things.

I still need to make it possible to open up news, and events via the url. As well as show people a url for the page they have opened up.

Fair evader.

[dang`r`us]: fair/fair evader?
[illume]: in Melbourne australia there is a tram company which is now privately owned. they have run a fare evader advertising campaign to guilt people into paying for tickets
[dang`r`us]: ah okay
[illume]: unfortunately they are pretty shit for a number of reasons... so a group of us are making games/websites to try and draw some attention to these problems

And so it begins.

The game will be about playing a tram inspector collecting commisions for each tram fine that they give people. You'll get bonuses for fining pregnant non english speaking ladies, old people, and poor people.

You can demand people hurry up and show them their tickets. You can sneak on in under cover clothes.

I think I'll even use the gui for speach dialogs. To present the user with multiple choice questions. 'fine', 'let go', 'twist arm'. Also for other speach dialogs like people trying to get out of tram fines, and general banter on the tram. etc.

8bit …