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Tweeting python packaging tips.

I've begun 'tweeting' python packaging tips. I'm hoping to go up to 100 useful python packaging tips. If you're a twit too, please feel free to join in on the conversations.

update: I wrote a little script to download all the python packaging related tweets from twitter. For some reason twitter is only giving me 32 of them... but I've written about 40 so far. Going to run through these at the london python dojo tonight in a mini talk. build_ext --inplace to compile your extensions inside the source directory. Good for developing inplace

distribute ' develop' Installed pkg points to dev copy, quicker changes during dev. develop -u to remove

For pyrex/cython/swig packages, include the generated C code so people do not need to install cython/pyrex/swig.

For debugging info set DISTUTILS_DEBUG. os.environ['DISTUTILS_DEBUG'] = "on" OR export DISTUTILS_DEBUG=on

Don't put code in package/ file. Makes debugging/ed…

Pokket mixer. A sound mixer from Berlin.

pokket mixer

I went to the big market at the Berlin park today, and saw this little sound mixer there. This dude and his girlfriend who were at the stall make them! They are his design too. Really cool buying electronics from the people who make them.

Did I mention I like buying small things that can fit in my pocket, and in my carry-on luggage?

It's passive - so it does not need to be powered. It's also very small. Seems to work quite well. The eq seems to work ok. It has the normal Hi, Mid, Lo for each of the two channels. The sound quality seems pretty good (even when going out to high quality studio speakers). I've bought more expensive mixers with worse audio quality.