Applied for certificate, thinking about what to do next?

I got an email back from Comodo about the code signing certificate, and now their form works.  Then I had to submit my company certificate, and then have to wait for up to 2 days to get the certificate.
I probably should have realised I needed this certificate before, and applied earlier.  Oh well.  For some reason I didn’t remember this was needed.
Next I’ll begin packaging it up for the google web chrome store, so maybe we can sell some on there too.  I don’t think that will take all that long to do.
Finishing the iOS port might be hard since I’ve noticed the performance of JavaScript and canvas on old iOS devices is terrible.  I could just make it available for iOS 5, and the latest iphone 4 phones though… they might be fast enough.  I’ve been exploring possible optimizations for it too.  So I’ll see how that goes.
I’m in the same situation with the android port.  The current web browsers on there are fairly garbage for canvas performance, so I’d need to do some performance work before it would work on there.  Making it available on the latest versions of Android is also one possibility.  I know an android application is likely to be accepted faster than an iOS one, so that might sway me to release there first.
A Mac application is also possible I guess.  For that I’d need to figure out if there is a UIWebKit wrapper that is easy to use, and quick to integrate.
The other option is to finish the other intel appup app I have in development.  But porting this game to other platforms seems easier I think.  Once the whole process is done I’ll have an idea of how long the other app would take to do for the appup platform.


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