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Why HD looks weird.

Very often I'm sitting next to a HD teevee, and people say 'that looks weird'.


There's a number of reasons, but the two main ones are:
when compared to SD digital teevee is: Poor colour depth compared to the number of pixels.For a person used to analog teevee (PAL, or NTSC) - and not digital teevee, a major weirdness is the digital compression used. Digital teevee is compressedCompared to SD digital teevee - No increase in colour richness.They increased the number of pixels shown per cm (or inch), but did not increase the richness of colour displayed.

On PAL for example, you may have 422 colour depth - which is 8 bit colour. If you come from the computer world you may think that is 8 bits per channel colour (RGB 888). However in the broadcast world they use the YUV colour space, and this is usually only 8 or 10 bits per pixel. 4 bits Y, 2 bits U, 2 bits V == 8 bits per pixel.

If the colour depth is the same, then why does it look weirder in HD? Imagine a rainbow g…