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PyGameZine issue0

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of PyGameZine!

There is more information about it on the website.

Vintage in Paris

Our Vintage in Paris app has been published on the Nokia app store!

The process was pretty simple, since it was a very technically basic but content heavy app.

The main difficulty in this app was walking around the streets of Paris taking pictures, and researching really good places to find Vintage.
Why a Vintage in Paris app? Finding cool second hand and retro clothes is a hobby of mine, and my partners.   It's always fun finding interesting old styles, rummaging through clothes racks.  Especially in other countries, and especially when you find a bargain.

There's something special about wandering down some back alley, and finding an old shop stuffed to the rafters with old stuff.  It's like taking a journey back in time to some fantastical version of Paris you may have in your head.  If you like Art Deco stuff, then Paris is the place to get it.

What was the signup to the Nokia store like? I have been signed up as a Nokia developer for quite a while already,…