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Let's make a shit JavaScript interpreter! Part Three.

Let's put the Research into R&D. I guess it should be called Shit Research to go along with the name of this series (p1) of articles (p2) I started one year ago. It takes a lot of time to read over hundreds of thousands of lines of undocumented C++ and java code, so part three took much longer than expected.

Let's explore existing JavaScript implementations. In this part we are going to take a small digression to look over other JavaScript implementations. I'll provide a short description of how each JavaScript implementation is made. We can use the Architectural knowledge from each implementation to inspire our own implementation.

Another benefit of researching each implementation is that we can find all the different tools they use. For example different test suites.

Make sure to read the URL's for each implementation to find out more information about each one.

There is a list of ECMAScript implementations at wikipedia. We will not cover all of the ones li…

bugzilla bugs to bitbucket issues

As part of the pygame move to bitbucket, we are converting a bug database stored in bugzilla.

Work is progressing on the issues migration:

Bugzilla is more comprehensive compared to bitbucket. So not all things can be migrated from the bugzilla bugs to the bitbucket issues.

Also, the bitbucket API is limited in what it can do. You can't add user comments or add attachments.

To get around the attachments part, I made the migration script create a directory of attachments, and then link to them in the bug text. Then I've extracted the attachments from bugzilla and put them online.

To hack around the lack of comment adding in the bitbucket API, I'm just combining all of the comments into the content text.

Other features bitbucket issues API does not have are priorities, and platforms. The issues features _does_ support priorities, but it doesn't look like the API is set up yet. You can't add platforms (like 'Windo…