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pygame 1.9.4 released

pygame 1.9.4 has been released into the wild!
TLDR; Some highlights.python 3.7 support.beta pypy support. See Are we pypy yet?.pygame.draw fixespygame.math is not experimental anymore. Speedups and bugfixes.Debian, Mac homebrew, mac virtualenv, manylinux and other platform fixes.documentation fixes, jedi support for type ahead in editors like VSCode and VIM.Surface.blits for blitting many surfaces at once more quickly. Thanks A very special thanks to the people who have volunteered commits to pygame since the last release. In alphabetical order...
Adam Di Carlo (@adicarlo) | Christian Bender (@christianbender) | Don Kirkby (@donkirkby) | endolith (@endolith) | hjpotter92 (@hjpotter92) | Ian Mallett (@imallett) | Lenard Lindstrom (@llindstrom) | Mathias Weber (@mweb) | Matti Picus (@mattip) | Nicholas Tollervey (@ntoll) | (@orangudan) | Raymon Skjørten Hansen (@raymonshansen) | René Dudfield (@illume) | Stefan Bethge (@kjyv) | Stuart Axon (@stuaxo) | Thomas Kluyver (@takluyver) | Tobi…