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gvim - opening files in tabs. How to search through windows?

With gvim 7.x you can open files in tabs.

However on the command line it follows the old behavior of editing one file at a time.
gvim file44.php

Instead you have to use the -p command line option.
gvim -p file44.php

Then you have all of your files opened up in separate tabs.

The new tabs in gvim 7.x make using pypanel less necessary for me. pypanel is a little python app for X11 that works really nicely with WindowMaker (the minimal window manager). It gives you a task bar, which can be programmed in python. I used to use pypanel with gvim for when I have more than a few files opened in one work space. Now with tabs, I am able to have a lot more files opened at once.

Gvim tabs, the pypanel task bar, and windowmakers workspaces make my desktop a lot more scalable, and less annoying :)

Does anyone know of a tool to search through window names, and then focus the selected window? Now that I might have 100-200 files open at once a search function w…

Compiling pygame on windows with MSVC

John Popplewell has made a guide for compiling pygame on windows with the MS visual C compiler.

Looks like a pretty good guide to compiling pygame on windows. It shows you how difficult it can be. With unix it's much easier to compile.

You can also compile pygame with mingw and msys using gcc. It's equally as complex - just in different ways.

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