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Angry, Drunken Dwarves

I packaged up Joe Wreschnigs Angry, Drunken Dwarves for windows today. Using py2exe and the NSIS installer.

You can download it here:

If you play it please leave a comment on my blog.

update: it looks like piman has put the .exe on his page now.

What I've been doing?

A few interesting game related things.

I have begun doing a series of pixel art tutorials in order to make my pixel art skills better. The result is this face. The face has been blown up 2x to make it easier to see. The idea is to do some pixel art tutorials every week this year. When I am learning something I like to do it by doing a small project. So my pixel art learning project is going to be to update my bleten game. Bleten was a game I made for a 48 hour game dev competition(using python and pygame to code of course). Due to lack of time(and poor pixel-fu) most of the pixel artwork in it is pretty average. Including some stick-sheep.

Also game related, I am working on a milkshape character animation library written in C. I have converted it from some C++ code I had lying around. The conversion from C++ to C code is in order to make it easier to port, make it easier to use as a library, to simplify it, and to reduce code size. I will be wrapping it up with python bindings…