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Ubuntu Jaunty - half speed graphics, slower boot, slower login.

Well, well... after spending a night optimizing some graphics code I noticed I could upgrade to the new version of ubuntu... Jaunty 9.04 on my laptop.

After an hour and a half, of installing (which I had to come back to about 8 times because it had stopped to ask me questions mid way)... I came back to a new system.

Ya! I thought. Apparently a faster boot, and other such goodness... and all fresh packages as well!!!

However my boot time is now slower. It also takes longer for everything to start after login.

Also my graphics are half the speed they were before upgrade. This is non-3d stuff too... 3d 'accelerated' stuff takes a much larger hit.


Moral of the story? Don't believe the hype... and also wait until others have upgraded first before you do to try it out.

I think the graphics slow down is related to this bug ... reported in november last year.

So if you have intel graphics... DO NOT UPGRADE YET!!! If you do, everything will go really slow. If you have a laptop,…

Distributed testing - the easy way.

Distributed testing is easy.

Include your tests in your package, and then whoever can install your package can install your tests.

At pygame we have had much luck with including the tests with pygame.

Then people can just do "import pygame.tests;"

It makes distributed testing easy, since now any of your users can run all the tests without having to have anything else installed(like source code, and a development environment).

Then you need one machine to package your build for windows, and then it can be tested on lots of other windows machines. (same with mac). The builds are uploaded to the testing machines(that don't need a dev environment set up), and then tested there.

Cherrypy and numpy(numpy.test()) also include tests with their downloads, and including tests is in the original unittest white paper.

Testing bots.

Then creating a network of test bots is trivial. Upload your package to them, or have them download it using http, and then get them to run…