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iphone web app development, from the trenches.

Dear reader,

I joined the iOS web developers for adventure and a chance to see the world but instead I am working in a mud hole, freezing my arse off, with a constant fear of death. I am writing this note in hope that it makes it out of the trenches. In case I do not.

It's bloody here in the iOS trenches and I feel my days are numbered. With these thoughts on my mind, I hope to share this with you.

Some of this stuff is not documented in the standard issue manual, or disseminated via the standard propaganda channels. I feel it ought be of use to you.

Unfortunately it has been very hectic here, so the words will likely be rushed and detail will be lacking. I apologise for this, but I still think it will be useful (no brain rockets, just some Damn Useful Information).

In case I don't make it,
Your friend from the trenches,
René Dudfield.

ps. if you find this note, please consider commenting on the back with any other useful information your fellow iOS trench mates might find usefu…