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Dino Vs Pirate ship

Dino Vs Pirate ship is a short film about a pirate ship and a dinosaur. There is also a series of blog posts about how it was edited, narrated, and put to music.

pygame reloaded

So Marcus has been working away in the background refactoring/rewriting pygame. Hopefully his work will become part of pygame 2.0... but in the mean time we hope to do another set of 1.x pygame releases.

The main pieces I see for another pygame release are the evolution of the testing frame work into a library, examples as a library, the camera module, and many other changes are coming to pygame... including pygame coming to another implementation of python... tinypy!

Below are Marcus's notes about the pygame reloaded release.

* New FRect class for high precision rectangle handling using floating point
FRect and Rect share the same properties and functions and can be converted
into the other rectangle type without any problems.
* New PixelFormat class that wraps up SDL_PixelFormat.
* New CDTrack class that keeps information about CD tracks.
* New physics module integrated. Zhang Fan's GSoC work on an easy to use
physics simulation is now available.
* New sdlg…