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pygame artist in residence grant

An artist residency usually works something like; a person spends some time in either a gallery making something to present or in a music club doing a weekly spot.

The first "pygame artist in residence" grant will be for a small amount of money (€512). It is for someone who is already doing stuff with pygame or python in their arts practice. There will be a little thumbnail on the website linking towards an artist statement/patreon page/blog or some such. The residency won't be in a physical space. It lasts for a month, from October 1st - November 1st. At the end of the month the website 'exhibition' will take the form of a small update from the artist — in whatever form that takes.

If you'd like to apply(or nominate someone) please write something short with a link about the arts practice and how python or pygame is used in it. Email: Applications close: September 15th.
Announced: October 1st.
Amount: €512 paid by paypal.

Why this? Art…

Draft of, "How to port and market games using #python and #pygame."

This is a collaborative document, and a really early draft. Please feel free to add any tips or links in a comment here or on the reddit post You've spent two years making a game, but now want other people to see it? How do you port it to different platforms, and make it available to others? How do you let people know it is even a thing? Is your game Free Libre software, or shareware?
All python related applications are welcome on You'll need a screenshot, a description of your game, and some sort of URL to link people to (a github/gitlab/bitbucket perhaps).  But how and where else can you share it?
a few platforms to port and windowswindows store?mac (for storesteamlinux 'flatpack' (latest fedora/ubuntu etc use this like an app store).pypi (python packages can actually be installed by lots of people)android storewebdebianredhat/fedor…