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A-profiling I a-go.

I spent a little bit of time recently profiling and optimizing some code.

This is not a usual thing to do for lots of programing tasks, because these days, often code is fast enough to do the job. However fast enough for which computer? One of the machines I run is an old duron 850 mhz from around 1999. Some programs are starting to get a little slow. Because developers are only testing to make sure their programs run on the latest hardware. Lots of people I know still have computers even older than this! So I want things to run really nicely on my slow machine at least. In the hopes that it will run nicely on other peoples slow computers. Luckily it often doesn't take too mucheffort to speed things up.

Most things I do run ok even on my old slow machine. However on two demanding applications I am working on there is a needfor profiling and optimization.

Here are some of the things I found...

Python game optimization.

My game holepit was leaking a little bit of memory between levels. I…