export scripts for app

So today I've been writing a couple of export scripts for my October challenge apps.

I set the config in the main html file using html5 data attributes.  Then read that config on app startup.  This seems like a fairly easy way to customise the app depending on platform.  My export script selects the correct html for each platform on export.

I have to create the correct data sets for each platform.  The right sound formats (ogg, mp3, wav), and the right sized images (From 1080 HD to 320x200 screen).  As well as select the correct fonts.  I can't just include all the assets for each platform, since there are size restrictions.  As well the source, full sized raw data can be over 5GB for one app (for my content heavy app).

Then I have to package them up depending on platform, with manifest files and other strangeness.  Or I need to zip them up in a zip archive.

I'm not completely automating the process yet.  I'll wait to see if the apps get any traction before investing time in complete automation.  Completely automating releases is essential for supporting lots of platforms.  Without it, your whole time can be spent releasing, rather than making the apps better.


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