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hOur Factory - Melbourne Australia.

hOur Factory is a Melbourne arts festival of sorts that I'm involved with.

Unlike most arts festivals, or parties hOur Factory lets interested people vote, and chose the theme. hOur Factory is an exhibition of arts, a warehouse party, and a film night all held in a big space on March 1st.

It will have a gallery opening feel, and then move into performances, and music.

Depending on the theme, I might be working on a project with 28 monitors and a whole lot of webcams. The idea is to form them into a sphere like shape, and have the monitors pointing outwards. So it could act as a spherical mirror of sorts. However the possibilities are quite large. It's going to be made from cheap $5 webcams, and recycled monitors that we hope to get for free (since so many people are throwing out their old CRT monitors).

I should be using pygame to drive the displays... maybe doing some real time effects on them if there is enough processing power.

I already have six CRT monitors, but I will …