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Green PCs in open source, free software - the next challenge.

Linux is seeing massive install bases around the world. Millions of PC computers - not including the millions of embedded systems like routers, and phones.

OSS, and free software already does a great job in reducing the amount of waste generated by computer use. Being able to make use of old hardware, and the ability efficiently virtualise computers resulting in less hardware being used. Web hosts can run thousands of websites off one computer - now other servers are taking virtualisation of computers for other tasks too.

However there is much more that could be done for saving energy with OSS, free software such as Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Distributions need to focus on turning on the power saving features. If Debian, and Ubuntu make this easy, then lots of power can be saved in the world. Debian should put something about power consumption, and reducing resource use into its social contract.

Is concentrating on power savings worth while? If a 10% difference could be made in powe…