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You are using the wrong #templating system for #html.

Use javascript + json + DOM for html templating.

Front end developers know how to use this technology. They know this technology very well, so will be way productive.

No weird new template language to learn and install on every single project.

No dependency on a rapidly changing server side backend... or database, or 3rd party API required.

No taking the html, and turning it into [$%%WEIRD TEMPLATE LANG%%$$] step. Instead you can use javascript, json and the DOM.

Being able to use the templating system either via the browser, or via the server side means there is no dependency between the front end and the back end. Front end developers just need an example json file to work from. Then the back end developer just needs to create the json file.

It does mean you are dependent on a DOM+javascript implementation on the server side if you want to do things like server side caching, and supporting Agents(browsers, bots etc) that do not use javascript on the client side.

Just json files. Just …