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pythons distutils install race condition

Pythons distutils has a race condition where it starts to copy files into the python path whilst installing.

This is a race condition, since python programs can be importing the package whilst the package is being installed.

It would be good for distutils to install things in an atomic manner. Where things can be installed, or not installed. Like, on unix by moving the files in from a temporary directory. This would also help reduce breakages. Since if a package breaks half way installing a package then the broken version will not over write the existing version.

It's not a very serious problem, since most people don't install things on live important systems. Also some packaging tools fix the issues with the source installs.

2to3c: an implementation of Python's 2to3 for C code

"2to3c: an implementation of Python's 2to3 for C code"

See for a description of this tool.

It works on C modules. So it should be easier for people to do ports to py3k for their C modules.

The 2to3c tool uses Coccinelle for transformations on the C code. This program has been used for linux, and other software... for updating code when their APIs change.

The perfect fit for the python C API changes!

rakarrack is a decent effects rack for linux

rakarrack is a decent effects rack for linux.

It's not packaged for ubuntu(of course), but is fairly easy to compile. I've been using the cvs version (yes, people are still quite happily using cvs it seems).

Once you get it set up you have access to 80 presets of realtime guitar effects(2-40ms depending on your computer sound card setup).

It works with the jack audio system, so you can route audio into it, and route its audio out to other programs easily enough. You can also control it with midi(alsa, or jack). Meaning you can hook it up to a midi controller of some sort. I've been using it with an maudio axiom 25 controller, and with python scripts via pygame.midi.

It even has a very nice help manual integrated into the program... I wish more programs had a good help section. It details the 17 different effects that come with the program.

One thing which is a bit funny is that it doesn't use LADSPA or lv2 plugins. You can of course still use these other plugins thr…

Ich bin in Berlin

Berlin seems like a fun and laid back place. Arrived here the other day... haven't had much time to look around so far.