Getting into the Samsung store

So, I registered for the Samsung app store 'thingy' the other day.

Samsung have a number of platforms themselves, not just one platform.  Including Bada, Android, Tizen, and windows mobile 7.  They have tablets, TVs, laptops, mobile phones... and probably other things too (maybe internet fridges?).

It seems most of the platforms support web apps of some sort.  Either through wrapping with phonegap (Bada, Android, win7) or just accepting an archive of the files.

Once joined you can distribute free apps through there.  Which is quite lovely really.  They have their own advertising program, and I'm not sure if you're allowed to do In App purchases with them.

It seems for TV, you can only distribute to the US.  Not to other places around the world.  No idea when or if that is going to be possible.  Yes, their SDK does include support for 3D content.  After speaking briefly with someone(I didn't get their name) at a JavaScript meetup I found out you can try out apps on your own TV/DVD player without having to release to the store.

In order to sell applications, you have to submit a bunch of company paperwork - and sign over your first born child*.  They don't currently charge you join though, which is nice compared to some other programs.

* may be a joke.


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