Friday, October 14, 2011

chrome audio sucks

Chrome Audio is worse than firefox, safari, and internet explorer Audio.

There are cracks, pops, and sounds cut short.  It seems there's also not many sounds that can be played at once.

Luckily I can use jquery.shitsound and soundmanager2 to prefer using flash audio over a javascript bridge.  This has a slight delay compared to firefox/safari html5 Audio, but is better than the built in chrome Audio.


Daniel X Moore said...

What version of Chrome are you using? Chrome Audio has been working great for me for at least the past 5 months. I'm currently on 14.0.835.202

illume said...


I'm using 14.0.835.202, with OSX 10.7.2, old macbook pro.

Are you talking about playing lots of short sounds (1 second), or playing a long sound like a song (3 mins)?