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Pyweek 2 begins. Concept sketches done.

Pyweek 2 has begun. With the "it's powered by steam" theme winning the vote. 190 people have signed up to compete. Not sure how many people voted for themes. Hopefully quite a few people will actually compete.

So here is one of our concept sketches that Aaron - aka did.

We have a basic web server code done. Using wsgi, twisted.web2, and sqlobject.

Since the game is going to have elements where you can affect the worlds of the players from a web page. So even if you don't play with the game, you can have fun messing around with other peoples game worlds.

However the web element is going to be an optional part of the game. The game needs to be playable in single player mode.

We also have the start of our client main game done. Using pgu, and an isometric game view. You will be able to play as a human who controls a robot castle which is powered by steam. We are currently figuring out what gameplay, and plot we want. But have the basics of what we want to do sorte…

Five themes for the pyweek competition.

Here are the themes for the pyweek game development competition.

* Someone else's trash
* A fraction too much friction
* Mind the gap
* Doorways
* It runs on steam!

Much more interesting than last pyweeks abstract ones.

It runs on steam! is my favourite so far. It puts the most images into my head. Images of Victorian era steam races, and of a future world which runs on steam powered technology.

PGU play as preparation for pyweek.

Today I did a little test app with PGU and pygame in preparation for pyweek. I have not played with PGU for a while, so thought I needed a little refresher course.

PGU works with pygame, and has a gui library as part of it. It's a cross between html, and QT. It even has a basic html renderer. So if you know a little html, you can use some of that knowledge.

The result is a simple RPG character attributes generation widget

It can generate these character attribute scores, and allow the user to assign points to them. I made it reusable so that people can plug in their own character attribute names. Eg - you could have 'Sense' instead of 'Dexterity'. You can put these widgets inside other containers, so that you can generate multiple characters at a time.

Our pyweek team The Olde Battleaxe is going to do a few more practice sessions before the competition begins next week. Our team has one sound+music guy, a graphics+sound guy, and two coder+gf…

Python is also good for games, so should be on

The new python website is up. It mentions web stuff, database stuff, and gui stuff. However it doesn't mention games or graphics stuff at all.

Links to, and should be added to the front page. As they are very popular python libraries used for games.

Eve online, and the Temple of Elemental Evil are two retail success stories. The witches yarn is a shareware success story, and amongst the open source success stories are angry drunken dwarves, solarwolf, and pydance.

Blender, the gimp, poser, truespace, are amongst the graphics programs that use python for scripting. Making learning python scripting for artists very useful. ILM use python for movie making.