Android developer store, problem. No problem.

So, I've got my app working on Android.  It's not even all that slow.  Ok, it is a little slow.  However the new webkit upgrade in Android 4.0 should get it going fast.  Note that Android 4.0 has approximately 0% of the android users on it at the moment - since they haven't really released it yet.

I had to get touch events working with gamejs, which wasn't all that hard.  I had a little chat on the mailing list, about it, then implemented it not long after.  I will send a pull request soon to that project soon.

I'd like to do a phonegap implementation of sound for shitsound too, but haven't got around to that.  This should get around the html5 Audio issues on the android browsers.  But the game is pretty much ready.

So now that it's ready, I went to sign up to the Android market place so that I could try and release the application.  I went through the signup process, and paid my $25USD.  I even got sent a receipt.  But then something weird happened.  I followed the link, to try and login... but it just sent me back to the signup page again.

The help suggested I try all sorts of things, including just signing up again with another credit card... and if all that fails finally to send them a support request.  So now I'm waiting on the famous Google Support to get back to me to fix up my account... or so I thought.

I tried one more time, but this time with another browser.  Somehow it had gotten my personal account mixed up with my business account.  So I cancelled the registration that got mixed up, and then reapplied again after cleaning cache and clearing cookies.

So anyway... long story short, my Android Market account seems to work now.

I linked up my google checkout account to it - the same one I used for the google chrome web store.  Then it told me I can now sell apps on the android store.

So now I have to actually try and release this game, and get it through the validation process.  Luckily I heard the android validation process is really quick.


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