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What is next for pygame?

Last week I checked into cvs a 'scrap' module. Which is basic copy/paste clipboard support for windows and X11. So you can copy things to and from the clipboard. It is based off the scrap code found off the SDL site.

I still need to finish wrapping a couple of C functions, but it is almost finished. It has only been tested on X11 so far. However the original code was written to work on windows as well. So hopefully copy/paste will work there too. Then left to do is Mac OSX support.

Today I did some code today on getting TinyGL to work with my character animation code.
I managed to get a model animating, and at a decent frame rate. Of course there was no texture on this model. Which is the slow part. However even non textured 3d stuff is pretty useful done in software quickly. I did convert one simple texturing demo to work with TinyGL, and it ran ok. So I am hopeful for its performance.

TinyGL only has about 100 functions which need wrapping. Most of the functions h…

Stable - Api. Does software still work from three years ago?

I saw yet another 0.x piece of rapidly changing python code calling itself stable today.If your code meets any of these criteria your code is not stable.
Is not even six months old, with a 0.x version number with massive changes planned.Your code is still old and changing rapidly with massive changes planned.Your api is changing causing breakages.A good test to see if your library/framework is stable is to take some old program and see if it runs correctly, as it used to. If it doesn't, then your library/framework is not stable.

ah... words that have different meanings.

Zanthor. Our pyweek2 game.

Zanthor is the game we made in one week as part of the pyweek2 competition. The idea of pyweek is to make a game in one week mostly from scratch.

You need python and pygame to run our game.

You can download it here:

It works on Windows, Macs, linux, freebsd, and anywhere else python and pygame run. You can play with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad.

Here is a screenshot:

Please let me know if you like it, and of any cool ideas for it.

Melbourne International Comedy festival.

The Melbourne international Comedy festival is starting soon.

My comedian friend is doing a show for it again. He has made a sudoku solver using an Excel spreadsheet. For something fun to put on his website.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to write one in python.

Unfortunately there already appears to be 120million different sudoku solvers already written in python so I gave up. Such is life. After the pyweek2 finished I'm a bit shattered, and programming tasks seem a little hard. I need more sleep.

If you're in melbourne, you might want to check out his comedy show: Last years one was quite funny.