#RaspberryPi binary #pygame wheels for pip rolling into a #python cheese shop near you.

It seems there's some sort of giant build cluster for Raspberry Pi that builds binary wheels (python package files, that don't need to be compiled). Automatically. We live in the future.

Feels like progress.

Now it's compiling pygame nicely. So `pip install pygame` works with the current release on Raspbian now (the Debian distribution put out by some Raspberry Pi people). Thanks to Ben Nuttall for that!
These are built automatically when new things are released to pypi. So the pygame 1.9.4 release should go on there without us having to do anything.

ps. Anyone reading this with a binary package they maintain... you can just ask them to install the Debian dependencies... or submit a PR to do so. https://github.com/bennuttall/piwheels/
pps. Speaking of binary wheels. The other day I submitted a PR to https://github.com/skvark/opencv-python which is python opencv packaged up nicely for pip. It should be much easier to do computer vision things that you can actually distribute to others (who aren't fond of C++ compilation fun).


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