Mu, the little #python editor that could.

Nicholas and the Mu gang have been busy with their python editor, and it now supports pgzero.

Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers.

I'm pretty excited about this. Here's a little demo of it in action with pgzero...

Whilst it's still in 'beta' with rough edges... it's pretty neat already. Also, they seem to be quickly moving through issues people in the community encounter with each beta release.

It's been super-lovely to see the python community get behind them and offer their support.

Stop idling, and go have a look:


Jason Blum said…
This looks fantastic! I've been teaching kids Python and it's always such a challenge getting PyGame working on their multifarious laptops. Am I to understand this means Mu will come bundled with Python3 and PyGame ready to go on each OS?
Rene Dudfield said…
Hi Jason,

That sounds like a very good idea.

No idea if that's what they plan to do though. I'll pass your idea on, and see what they reckon.

Perhaps with a portable python like that you can run from a USB stick/network drive. Note, that winpython comes with pygame (and various other things like pyqt) already installed.

But I guess they have mac laptops too. `python -m pip install pygame --user` works pretty well on the python that comes with macs. We've been trying to make it easier for the install pygame part here:


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