Hey! It's work on pygame stuff day.

Yasssssssss! Today was work-on-pygame-stuff day.

ROTFL. ASCII renderer in action.

So here is a log of pygame (The game library for python) updates.
  • Removed a s.p.aaaam infestation from the pygame.org website. Planned next round of improvements for spam fighting.
  • Went over issue tracker adding labels, and replying to things. Thinking about, and closing a few issues. Felt a bit bad about closing some issues, mixed with a bit of relief. Shoulders felt a tiny bit lighter.
  • Set up a new linux box for doing pygame stuff with.
  • Mucked around with pypy nightly.
  • Messed with the python beta. Ya to breakpoint(). No real big breaking changes to the C API uncovered yet. Read the TLS API changes. Thought to myself that latency, and low memory benchmarks would be a good thing to submit. time.time_ns is useful but still a workaround for using floats for time, and there is code out in the wild already using a smaller measurement of time than ns. 1GHz is a nanosecond, and 5Ghz CPUs have been around for more than a decade, so it's already out of date when the API was released. Still sort of awesome.
  • Applied for a 64bit Power PC developer virtual machine to help me fix several bugs reported by some fine people from Debian. Got given cloud access. Delicious Power box for compiling. I see bit fiddling 64bit big endian fixes in my future.
  • Did a code review of a chip tunes synth project. Got a little bit too excited. Caught up a bit with some internet friends/acquiescences who lurk in the odd parts of the net.
  • Added some files that github now requires. Before it had some red crosses, and now with these files there are green ticks. Feels like progress.
  • Answered a bunch of newbie questions.
  • Looked around at what is going on. Too much to look at really (oh, two more books... blog posts, ... arggggg tooo muuuuch). Joined up on gitlab, joined a few discord servers, got confused about discourse, discord, and discuss. 1789 unread emails, 64 twitter notifications. Slack, gitter, mastadon... noooooooo. Info overload. Lurked on an irc channel, and didn't even say hi, and no one even said hi back, and that is a perfect day on irc. The best part about irc is that people don't write to you.
  • Did some server admin work. "Let's see what I caught in my spam traps" *look of glee*, updating packages, grepping logs, using vi. Killed some daemons.
  • Found some eco renewable power servers. Considered starting on that migration... not today.
  • Looked at some assembly code for the first time in maybe 12 months. Downloaded some syntax highlighting updates for said file. Closed file.
  • Pulled out some test hardware and arranged it in my studio. Plugged some of it in. (a 24bit sound card, wacom tablet, vibration joypads, android and apple phones+tablets, a fist full of raspberrypi, the shittiest windows laptop, the oldest linux laptop, screens, screens, and more screens). Realised I needed more plants, because now it's a jungle of wires.
  • Decided I should keep a web log of this work.
  • Caught up on some changes to GLSL.

Oh gosh. There's lots of work to do... 
Time to pull up my big boy pants and work.

Did some code review, and merged a bunch of changes that some fine people submitted:
Made some plans for how to progress on the sdl2 branches. I see lots of merging in my future.
  • rebase sdl2 branch ontop of master
  • bring all files back to current state on master (that is SDL1 branch is buildable with no SDL2 files).
  • So now all files have the SDL2 stuff in history.
  • Introduce one file at a time with combined SDL1+SDL2 module.
  • At each step the SDL1 branch should be releasable.
  • Convert another module to SDL1+SDL2 in the SDL2 branch.
There's a bunch of testing in between those steps. Eventually we will get to a stage where the SDL2 branch will build as well on the build robots.

Realised my local build machines finished compiling and running tests before the remote CI machines had even started.

Decided it was time for a new 1.9.x release soon.

Today felt like spring. I sat on my balcony with the sun on my face drinking a coffee and eating an Italian strawberry. It was 0 degrees Celsius, but even that felt refreshing.

A good day in FLOSS.


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