Ludumdare 48h game development competition this weekend.

For those that didn't have time for pyweek (like me) - there is the ludumdare game development competition.

The ludumdare competition is similar to pyweek - it's what inspired pyweek.

The main differences are it's more "from scratch", it is only one weekend, and you have to do everything yourself - no teams. Also you can use any language - not just python, and everyone can select themes over three voting rounds.

The main idea is that One has to do all parts of game development - art, coding, sound, music etc, and to concentrate on the design of the game - rather than building engines. So it's a short burst of creativity, and junk food eating - with around 100 other people at the same time making their own games.

(img by MrFun).

LD 11 :: Weekend of April 18-20 - Currently doing round 2 of theme voting.


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