Bars in Beijing?

A friend of mine who lives in Beijing has set up a website categorising all the Bars in Beijing.

It's still a work in progress, but he has listed over 500 bars so far. For a place as big as Beijing, you can imagine that there's going to be a lot of bars. They're categorised by location, and if they are a night club, a bar, or a KTV(karaoke) place etc.

He still wants to add photos for all of the bars, and just generally make it a nice guide to Beijing bars.


beorn said…
[ A shameless plug since I helped build the site :) ]

You may also want to check out the City Weekend Beijing website, which is built in Django and Python (not Word Press). They've got thousands of listings, rated and categorized, here:

You can browse and subscribe to it, e.g., send me alerts of new bars in CBD that have outdoor seating and wifi. Pretty neat, eh? :)

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