database ORM adaptors?

Are there any adaptors for the various python database ORM models?

For example SQLObject <-> Storm <-> mother ORM <-> django ORM <-> SQLAlchemy <-> GeniusSQL, etc.

It seems this might be a good way to reuse some models, and code for those models.

For example, say there was a SQLAlchemy <-> Django ORM adaptor, then pylons, django, and turbogears could more easily inter operate.

Then if an adaptor for SQLObject <-> SQLAlchemy was made SQLObject could then use the SQLAlchemy <-> django ORM adaptor.

I guess at this point, sharing at the database level makes more sense.

update: seems to be a work-in-progress "project to create SQLAlchemy mapping of Django models onto a SQLAlchemy backend".


ghaering said…
I don't think that's a good idea. You wouldn't want an ORM <-> ORM bridge that only works for trivial cases (the common subset between the two ORMs). Also, using an ORM and whatnot in your application already, you have more than enough abstraction layers already. Adding another ORM-layer on top of an ORM (the bridge) won't make everything more stable.

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