Pygame weekly mini sprint 2007/05/30

These are my notes from this weeks pygame mini sprint.

Fixed some documentation. mask, scrap, font modules.

Fixed the mask.set_at get_at functions to raise a nice exception. Thanks piman!

surface.fill() now takes the same BLEND_ADD BLEND_SUB etc flags that
surface.blit() takes. Which makes fade to white, and fade to black
type operations simple and fast. Thanks Marcus!!

Added the GL_SWAP_CONTROL constant from SDL. Thanks Eyal Lotem!

Added the new blitters from Marcus. These speed up the blend functions
and the alpha blit function.

Added a -warnings flag to for extra warnings with gcc.

A fix from Marcus for the scrap module in X11.

DR0ID has been working on a new sprite module which has a number of features. Including support for layers, and blend modes. It's supposed to be quite quick, and automatically detect if dirty rectangles will be faster, or a full screen update. DR0ID wants to make it compatible with the pygame.sprite.RenderUpdates so that people can drop it into existing games.
Here is his work so far.

I made a couple of changes to the pygame website. So that comments for releases are listed newest first, and also so that nick names are shown. This is useful for people in irc who would like to know who the person on the website is in irc. eg. if I make a comment it would show Rene Dudfield nickname:(illume)


Wilfred said…
you will want to check out the very effective 3d interface methods described in or in ... I am trying to implement a full extrapolation system as described with python to pipe 3d to various graphics apps. Obviously interface was extremely simple to implement...

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