Pygame weekly mini sprint 2007/05/02

Today I worked through the list of patches, and bug reports.

[BUG] fromstring,tostring work for alpha. Thanks Brian Fisher.
[BUG] Surf.set_clip(None) works correctly. Thanks Diego Essaya.
Scrap changes from Marcus so windows/osx compile.
Added scancode attribute to keyboard events. Thanks Quentin Smith.
[BUG] movie_set_display hangs on movie file-like object. Thanks Martin.

So there's a few new unittests in there for these bugs/patches too.

I think I'll finish my way through the remaining bugs, and patches next week. After that I want to resurrect movieext. movieext is a half finished module that uses ffmpeg to display movies. Also there are heaps of doc comments to look through. About 300 spam ones I reckon - but there's good stuff in there too. I also need to set my windows development environment up again. I'm hoping to fully document it this time, so that other people can get a windows pygame dev environment set up easily.

Marcus is trying to contact some Gimp people to solve an issue we are having with pasting image data into the Gimp. Pasting from the Gimp works ok - but mysteriously pasting into the Gimp does not.

We discovered that gcc isn't reporting uninitialised values of structs. It should be an extra warning flag we could use. If not, we might change to using pointers so we can get those warnings. The Surface.set_clip(None) bug brought this up.

We also had some chats about improving the display of pygame projects on the website. Browsing by date, rankings, and tags would be cool. Also the concept of a favourite playlist came up. Where people can list their favourite games in a play list. So you can share what games you like with others.

More details about the pygame weekly mini sprint can be found here: Anyone who wants to join in next week is most welcome!

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