One Speaker Per Child (OSPC) project.

100 speakers. One for each person at a party.

Here's six mini usb sound cards attached to some usb hubs and extension cables.

The plan is to hook up 100 speakers to 50 sound cards attached to a bunch of linux computers connected via the network. Then using the OSC protocol to get them to act as one massive speaker system.

The cool thing is that there'll also be 50 microphone inputs.

I'm not sure what kind of limits I'll run into yet. It'll be interesting to see how many sound cards I can attach to each computer. Hopefully all 50 sound cards on one computer!

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Jeff Rush said…
illume said…
For fun. For arts sake.

So I can observe how people interact with lots of different speakers :)

So musicians have a chance to play music from 100 different sources. Kind of like an orchestra, or a big band might sound like.

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