Pyweek 2 begins. Concept sketches done.

Pyweek 2 has begun. With the "it's powered by steam" theme winning the vote. 190 people have signed up to compete. Not sure how many people voted for themes. Hopefully quite a few people will actually compete.

So here is one of our concept sketches that Aaron - aka did.

We have a basic web server code done. Using wsgi, twisted.web2, and sqlobject.

Since the game is going to have elements where you can affect the worlds of the players from a web page. So even if you don't play with the game, you can have fun messing around with other peoples game worlds.

However the web element is going to be an optional part of the game. The game needs to be playable in single player mode.

We also have the start of our client main game done. Using pgu, and an isometric game view. You will be able to play as a human who controls a robot castle which is powered by steam. We are currently figuring out what gameplay, and plot we want. But have the basics of what we want to do sorted. Enough to make a prototype.

Game play wise we want it to have a few goals that are apparent for the player. A 30 second goal, a 5 minute goal, and a 30 minute goal. We also don't want to do anything too cliche, or traditional.

So we have a place holder iso level being displayed. We also have the sound code basics there thanks to the rdpyg library.

Tonight I am going to get some of the basic gameplay stuff in whilst the US guys sleep.

You can see pyweek 2 diary entries for all of the other s who are posting them here.


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