Python is also good for games, so should be on

The new python website is up. It mentions web stuff, database stuff, and gui stuff. However it doesn't mention games or graphics stuff at all.

Links to, and should be added to the front page. As they are very popular python libraries used for games.

Eve online, and the Temple of Elemental Evil are two retail success stories. The witches yarn is a shareware success story, and amongst the open source success stories are angry drunken dwarves, solarwolf, and pydance.

Blender, the gimp, poser, truespace, are amongst the graphics programs that use python for scripting. Making learning python scripting for artists very useful. ILM use python for movie making.


shang said…
A very good point. Emphasizing games and graphics would make for much more interesting marketing than all that "boring" database and web framework stuff. Disney should be added to the list too, especially now that their Panda3D engine is freely usable by all.

But I hear the website redesign was done with a pretty tight schedule, so I hope the "Using Python for..." and "Written in Python" sections will expand in the near future.

Did you add a ticket already for your suggestions? ;)
Bob Ippolito said…
Did you notice that the sidebar quote is about EVE online? As far as I can tell, the quote has been static since launch.
illume said…
Good point about disney.

Yeah, I've added a ticket(#99).
Here is the link if you want to add more information to it.

I've also requested to help with contributing games and graphics information for the site. If I get no response from the email, I'll add a set of changes to the ticket.

Indeed Eve Online is mentioned in the side bar! I didn't notice it until after the set of words above was posted.

That is the only place games or graphics are mentioned as far as I can tell. There are a number of places where the website could be improved for mentioning python games and graphics communities.
Thotep said…
Off-topic: Illume! I tried to contact you about it, but got no response... I'd like to use pycal3d in my game, but your site is inactive, and I can't find pycal3d anywhere else. Could you make it available? Thanks in advance!

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