PGU play as preparation for pyweek.

Today I did a little test app with PGU and pygame in preparation for pyweek. I have not played with PGU for a while, so thought I needed a little refresher course.

PGU works with pygame, and has a gui library as part of it. It's a cross between html, and QT. It even has a basic html renderer. So if you know a little html, you can use some of that knowledge.

The result is a simple RPG character attributes generation widget

It can generate these character attribute scores, and allow the user to assign points to them. I made it reusable so that people can plug in their own character attribute names. Eg - you could have 'Sense' instead of 'Dexterity'. You can put these widgets inside other containers, so that you can generate multiple characters at a time.

Our pyweek team The Olde Battleaxe is going to do a few more practice sessions before the competition begins next week. Our team has one sound+music guy, a graphics+sound guy, and two coder+gfx+sound guys. Two of us are in Melbourne Australia, and the other two are in the US.

With the themes for competition being announced in ten hours or so we will soon be able to vote on themes.


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