Moss box

I've been looking to get more greenery into my studio, and I kind of like moss. It reminds me of when the times in my childhood running around rain forests barefoot.

Luckily, a good friend has a whole bunch of it growing out the back of her apartment. And it's likely to be destroyed soon by workers. Which made me not feel so bad about digging some up.

I scavenged some egg cartons

First I found some egg cartons to use as a base. Underneath the moss is a good few centimeters of dirt.

Unlike most of the wall moss I've seen around the place, this moss is alive. I was sort of horrified to learn that people buy dead preserved moss, and glue gun it into place. But this stuff is alive. Sometimes looking stuff up on Youtube kills the magic. Now I don't think wall moss is anywhere near as cool as I once thought it was. Thanks internet.

Here it is sitting on my standing desk.

Next I found an old wooden box. I lined the bottom of this with some plastic I had about the place. Yuk, I know. However, it should hopefully stop any water leaks.

There's two half egg carton containers I found (to hold 12 eggs) being used to fill the box. With spaces around the edge.

The nice thing about having it in a small box is it's easy to move about the place. So I can put it on top of my desk, or even under the desk where my bare feet are. My next project is probably to grow some green grasses in a box for that grass-on-feet-inside feeling.

Can you see the cardboard carton?
I'm not so sure if it will survive, but I'm hoping it will grow. So far I've just been spraying it with water, and occasionally touching and smelling the moss. Which takes me back to the rain forest a bit.


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