pygame 1.9.0 released!

What's new (heaps of things since 1.8.1):

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Summary of changes:
- many, many fixes and improvements. The largest amount of changes has gone into this release than any other pygame release.
- bug fixes for backwards compatibility issues introduced in pygame 1.8.x series. old games like solarwolf and libraries like PGU work again.
- experimental camera webcam module (still in development).
- experimental midi module based on portmidi and pyportmidi (99% complete).
- experimental gfxdraw module based on SDL_gfx (including AA circles, textured polygons and other goodness).
- python3, and python3.1 support mostly completed. Some modules still remain to be completed - but mostly it's working.
- nokia mobile phone s60 support.
- improved OSX support (dropped pyobjc dependency, improved installer, sysfont now works on OSX).
- pygame.examples + pygame.tests included with pygame. This makes testing easier, and also makes learning pygame more fun and easy.
- cleanup of examples, and addition of new examples.
- new tools to aid in development of pygame itself, better compilation documentation.
- py2app, and py2exe support improved.

Files are up on the download page.


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