apple broke a lot of its developer reference links... again

Was just reading a link on the apple developer reference, and sent a link to someone to read...

Then I noticed that the link no longer worked... and instead was redirected by the apple website to the generic front page of their developer reference.

I wish someone would point them to Cool urls don't change, and help them understand the web.

This isn't the first time they've broken their reference urls... the web is full of old, bad links to their documentation.

They've updated their online documentation... however they haven't kept the old urls around.

stab. un-cool.


Matt Chaput said…
Wow, condescend much? Yeah it sucks, but sometimes in the real world you have a million things to get done and your boss de-priorizes broken URLs and that's that.

I wish people would learn the difference between "its" and "it's," especially when they're acting superior. Maybe someday we'll get our wishes.
Pete Warden said…
"Sometimes in the real world you have a million things to get done and your boss de-prioritizes broken URLs and that's that"

The point is, it's a really really bad trade-off for developer documentation. Apple spends millions of dollars and man years of effort producing it as an investment in their platform. After all that effort, they then lose a lot of eyeballs by breaking URLs, something which could be avoided by putting in a comparatively small amount of effort.
Jari said…
It's not about priorities, it's about designing the system so that these things won't happen. They've screwed up.
bjdevlin said…
Wow, you think Apple screw up their websites, try IBM. I have a software subscription service with them, and it took 3 months of complaining before I was ever able to get their website to let me download my software. Two years later, and their web app is so screwed-up, it won't let me find or download the things for which I've paid.

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