Bird watching... Parrot 1.3

Why parrot is important is a good article about why parrot is important.

Not too long ago I wrote about parrot 1.0 being released. Now I check back up on the project and it's been steaming ahead - with a 1.3 release happening a couple of days ago.

Parrot VM is the multi language VM with which includes a JIT (ALPHA, Arm, Intel x86, PPC, and SPARC version 8), and supports various languages - including a python implementation called pynie.

Development of parrot is really picking up. It's interesting to see how development compares to python and pypy... and it seems that there is at least as much work happening on parrot compared to pypy and CPython.

This graph from ohloh

Number of commits made to the project source code each month.

* note, this graph is obviously wrong, and broken I think.

The most interesting part of this is that parrot was an April fools joke - and that joke is now becoming real. I look forward to bird watching, and hope to see more parrots in the future.


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