Parrot 1.0 - Perl 6, multi language VM.

It looks like it has finally happened. Parrot 1.0 is here!

Parrot is the VM that will be used for perl 6, and is meant to be used with many different languages. It includes a JIT (ALPHA, Arm, Intel x86, PPC, and SPARC version 8), and supports various languages - including a python implementation called pynie.

"The name Parrot was chosen after the 2001 April Fool's Joke which had Perl and Python collaborating on the next version of their languages."

It's great to see the parrot developers releasing a quality 1.0 version.


Cory said…
"pynie"? Ugh, what a missed opportunity. Should have been "pyning" for the fjords.
Wolf said…
Perl is the best scripting language for Text processing and handle regex. I have posted few articles related to those at my blog

Also Perl's Cpan has lots of support that I don't even need to think extra while developing project. I didn't find such help on other programming language except Java and .NET

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