pygame.tests and pygame.examples as packages.

As mentioned in pygame.test - moving testing forward the pygame project has moved the tests into the main pygame package(Lenard did all the work). *You* should consider installing the tests for your package too! All the reasons for doing so are listed at pygame.test - moving testing forward ... but I'll repeat them here too:
  • More people will run the tests.
  • people can run the tests to see if everything works in their own programs.
  • Can run tests on a persons computer to see if everything in pygame+ your program is working.
  • Which driver/function combination works, or works fastest? Run tests and find out.
  • Testing a py2exe/pyapp generated binary is much easier.
  • Reuse of our testing enhancements for their own tests.
  • Reporting bugs would be easier. Since everyone could run unittests, since they will be installed everywhere pygame is installed.
  • Result submission of unittests easy. This would result in a much larger base of computers running the unittests and submitting problems. This would be opt in of course.
  • Make the testing stuff more a library, than a framework.
  • Allow people submit unittests more easily. Since they won't require a source release of pygame to write unittests. eg people using a windows binary install of pygame, or a ubuntu binary install can run and submit unittests.
  • Make testing easier for people. The easier it is, the more worthwhile testing is.

>>> import pygame.tests

However we also moved the examples into the main pygame package.

When the examples were separate as part of the source code distribution, or installable with a separate installer, many people did not install them. Then they had trouble finding the examples.

So now, people should be able to run examples like so:

>>> import pygame.examples.chimp
>>> pygame.examples.chimp.main()

Both of these things should make pygame easier to use, and also increase the quality a lot.


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