pygame 1.8.1rc1 released for testing...

See what's new for the release candidate for what's new in pygame 1.8.1. It's what will most likely be pygame-1.8.1release.

Mostly it will be a bug fix and polish release, but there's a few new goodies that were sneaked in.

I think we'll release 1.8.1 next week, unless there's any fixes that need to go in.

See the recent mailing list post for download links, or subversion/trunk if you would like to test it out.

Thanks to Marcus, Lenard, Brian, Nicholas, Charlie Nolan, Frankie Robertson, John Krukoff, Lorenz Quack, Nick Irvine, and everyone else who helped out with this release.

Next up for pygame 1.9.0 will be a lot of changes... a camera module with computer vision algorithms, extensive tests, new drawing code, a physics module, a new movie module, an improved mac osx port amongst other things.


Nick said…

I'm particularly interested by the prospect of a camera module in 1.9.0.

Will there be binary releases of 1.8.1 for the forthcoming Python 2.6, and are there plans to make a Python 3.0-compatible version?

We've been using Pygame for teaching purposes, and any info you can provide on future version compatibility is going to help us with our planning...
illume said…

Lenard has experimented with python 2.6/3 alphas and pygame, and the pygame testing project is meant to help make a py3k port easier. We hope to support both at some point.

Unfortunately python 2.6+ doesn't support win9x, winme, and all but most recently patched win2000, so might be good to stick with python 2.5 for a while. I guess it depends on what computers your students have access to. If you want python to work with old computers, stick with python2.5.

Generally it takes a few months before most packages are ported to a new version of python, so best to plan up to 4-5 months after a new python is released... but I hope pygame will be available for them before that long!


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