Ludumdare 48h game competition -- #12

Ludumdare 48H is coming - Aug 8 - Aug 10.

Ludum Dare(ld48) is a regular community driven game development competition. The goal is, given a theme and 48 hours, to develop a game from scratch. Ludum Dare aims to encourage game design experimentation, and provide a platform to develop and practice rapid game prototyping.

Here’s the time-horizon:
- July 19 - July 25: You may submit themes to the wiki
- July 26 - Aug 2: Themes will be edited for awesomeness by the #ludumdare regulars
- Aug 3 - Aug 8: Various rounds of voting. Check back daily so you don’t miss any!
- Aug 8 - Aug 10: Ludum Dare #12 !!! (Starting at 8pm PST) - the super awesome website, refresh hourly
irc:// #ludumdare - the compo IRC channel, waste your time here - the compo blog, be sure to sign up here - the compo wiki, submit themes & read rules here - the compo planet, read about our exciting lives here


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