Lamina - using pygame GUIs with opengl.

David, the author of the upcoming Pitchers Duel baseball game has made a nice little module for pygame and opengl.

It allows you to use some of the GUI libraries with PGU. In the examples, it uses the excellent PGU, and Ocemp libraries.

However I think the general method can be applied to other GUIs fairly easily. It does the drawing on off screen surfaces, updating opengl textures as needed.

It even has a zooming demo... where the gui zooms. I like things that zoom.


dvkeeney said…
Thanks for the mention. There is, included, a demo for a GUIless panel, displaying graphics drawn with with pygame draw routines.

Pretty much any GUI can be used with it, but it works fastest when dirty-rectangle lists are available indicating which parts of the off-screen surfaces need copying.


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