A better python cheese shop. What would you change?

Often whilst visiting bars, or night clubs I play a game with whomever I am with. It's called 'the perfect night club'. What we would do if we ran a night club? I'd add in vending machines for non-alcaholic drinks, I'd add in plenty of couches, I'd add in twice as many girls toilets... etc etc.

Looking through the cheese shop today I started playing the same game. Here's my top three changes I'd like to see:

1. What's changed? What has changed in this release of software? This is probably the most useful information missing for people tracking the cheese shop. Freshmeat has another useful piece of change information - a change summary. So you can quickly tell the focus of the release: bug fixes, security fixes, feature changes, etc. Other people don't find the cheese shop release information as useful as it could be too... planetpy blog

2. Faster browsing. The website is a bit slow. Mainly when browsing through the categories. I think caching would help a lot here. Since there seems to be only five changes a day - caching should be quite useful.

3. Screen shots. Not all packages need screen shots, however it would be very useful for some packages. Any package with a GUI, or that produces graphics. Even IPython has screen shots. One step further would be screen casts.

Those are my top three changes I'd like to see. Pygame.org has a nice project listing section which could also be inspirational. One of the better parts of it, is that you can comment on releases. This gives authors more feedback than they would otherwise get. Freshmeat is probably the best place to look for inspiration.

What would you do if you made a better cheese shop?

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cyril said…
Maybe add too the screencast. Every project has too screencasts with screenshot.
Scott Kirkwood said…
Yes it should definitely be more like Freshmeat.

The only other thing I'm getting annoyed by are these libraries that output every little thing as a separate announcement. If those could be grouped under a parent project perhaps that would be better.

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